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Hot Tip - Google Hacks

This month’s Hot Tip is about using Google Hacks. In an age when the word ‘hack’ conjures up the fear of unauthorised access of your personal information, in this context ‘hack’ actually means ‘help’, well sort of. Visit this link to see how to quickly find almost anything on Google, effectively utilizing Google for quick answers, rather than wading through lots of long-winded searches.

"Quick answers are responses Google can deliver right on the search engine results pages (SERPs), without requiring you as the searcher to click through to a different page for your answer.

You can use quick answers for a range of things, from finding the status of your flight, to figuring out what time a movie is playing near you, as well as identifying the conversions for money, distance, and food unit measurements, to name a few."

We’re always on the lookout for good hot tips that we can share. If you have a good tip that might help others please send it to us and if we publish it, we’ll reward you with chocolates and your name in lights, er, make that electronic print (assuming you want the calories and the publicity!).

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