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MoST Tutorial - Enabling comments on pages

When you use MoST as your content management system it is a simple process to enable comments on ANY of your web site's pages. This tutorial will show you how.


  • Firstly you need to login to MoST, you should have been given a username and password to gain access.
    In the address bar in your web browser, type in your website URL (address) and a forward slash (/) then the words admin in lower case. For example: www.expert.co.nz/admin
  • Once logged in you should have access to the Administration Screen.
  • On the left hand side you will see the website structure or folder list.
  • Select the Blog Section or Folder

Generating a new page

  • While the Blog Section or Folder is selected click on the Documents button
  • Select New Document from the dropdown list
  • In the popup box enter the Document Name.
  • Do not add a Description yet. Wait until all the content is in the page and formatted.

TIP: By leaving the Description blank the page is hidden from the website and sitemap. When the page is ready, a description can be added.

  • The NEW Document or page will then come up in the Documents List on the right hand side.

Adding content and turning on comments

  • Double clicking on the NEW file name will open the document in the Editor Screen.
  • Once in the Editor Screen enter the blog posts content and format it.
  • To enable Comments on this page simply select the Comments check box to the top right of the Editor Screen.
  • Make sure you save the document.
  • Close the document

Testing Comment

  • This will bring you back to the Administration Screen
  • To preview your new blog post click on the Preview Icon
  • You can now see and test your NEW blog post
  • To make a comment: Enter your first name, last name, email address and your comment
  • Click post button
  • The comment is now awaiting approval. The blog post or documents creator will receive an email notification that a comment is waiting for approval.
  • Close the Preview Window

Approving Comment

  • Make sure the NEW document is selected
  • Click on the Documents button
  • Select Comments from drop down list
  • The Documents Comments popup box will appear
  • Select the comment
  • Click on the Approve button - make sure the comment is selected
  • Click on the Apply button
    This will make the comment appear on the page below the blog post text
  • Close the Documents Comments popup box
  • Click on the Preview Icon for the NEW blog post
  • The comment now appears under the blog post

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