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Managing Your MoST Membership Database

Managing members and maintaining constant contact with them are top priorities for student organisations and associations. Expert's CMS, MoST, provides organisations with top notch database functionality to make database management easy.

How you can use your MoST membership/client database:

Manage your database

Search, add, remove and edit a client’s details as well as adding new columns to store more information. Your database can be altered from directly within your website and information can be both imported and exported to and from the database for printing, emailing or transfer into another programme. Past events or details related to a client/member can be stored for future reference.

Grouping members/clients

Group members/clients under branches or organisations to make billing and identification easier. You can group them in a way that works for you and name the groups as you please.

Search queries & database emailing

Searches can be made within the database and saved for future use. This is useful for finding members/clients with unpaid invoices or to email specific groups within the database. Your whole database can also be emailed. Expert can create beautifully crafted templates to catch your members' and clients' eyes.

Secure areas

Password protected areas are useful for allowing members access to certain parts of your website. A members' only area could be created or certain parts of your website could be viewable only to specific kinds of members, e.g. board members.

Members manage their own details & invoices

The MoST system can let members/clients update and change their own details in the database when they are logged in. The organisation can pick and choose what the user can and cannot edit. Members/clients can also view outstanding invoices & previous invoices online and also set up their invoices to be sent to them.

Payments and pricing members

Members can pay for their subscriptions, events and products online. Differently priced memberships, products and events can be charged based on the membership/client type set in the database, e.g. student member prices vs. full member prices.

Events Management system

Your company can create events within MoST, from which members can book and pay for events online.

Run conferences

Email members with upcoming event details so they can book, as well as reminders to go to the event. Reminders can also be sent as txt messages from your database.


Run your CPD (Continuing Professional Development) on the website and keep track of CPD points in the database. Members, clients and staff can register for training and activities on over your website, the database keeps track of CPD points gained, encouraging them to continuously attend regular training sessions.

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