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The Power of Words

When writing content for an email, a social media post or a website, marketers often use words synonymously. For example the phrases “join up” and “sign up” essentially serve the same purpose: click here to provide us with your email address. Ultimately these words have a relatively synonymous meaning but they will differ in the way that they impact each reader.

A word changes the meaning, the mood and the motivation.

In our experience we believe one word can change everything. If we take a look at the phrases “join up” and “sign up”, “join up” essentially means to connect or become a part of, whereas “sign up” means to enlist or agree to do something. “Join up” makes a visitor feel as though they are joining a community, and it sounds more comforting and informal, whereas “sign up” sounds like the person is becoming just another member of the company’s database. The context of the message and the expected result should have an impact on which phrase the marketer should use.

Consider how you might interpret two different newspaper headlines:

  • A car “smashed” into a pedestrian
  • A car “hit” a pedestrian

Most readers would make an assumption that the car was travelling a lot faster when reading that a car “smashed” into a pedestrian rather than reading that a car “hit” a pedestrian. Researchers proved this point in a study of the interaction between language and memory.

Another study on social psychology, shared by Brian Clark on Copyblogger, proved that when you want people to take an action, always give a reason. In the study’s experiment, the word “because” proved pivotal to causing the appropriate action to be taken.

Words and phrases

Here are five lists of useful words and phrases for creating content.

Influential and persuasive words

  • You
  • Now
  • Free
  • Introducing
  • Because
  • Revolutionary
  • Instantly
  • Discover
  • Quick
  • New
  • Wanted
  • Proven
  • Hurry
  • Guarantee
  • Save

Usage: Call-to-action, headlines, email subject lines, bullet points

Words encouraging community

  • Join
  • Become a member
  • Come along

Usage: email signups, trial offers, in-app messaging

Cause-and-effect words and phrases

These will assist in making your statements sound unbiased and rational

  • As a result
  • Consequently
  • Therefore
  • Thus
  • Since
  • Accordingly

Usage: closing paragraphs, transitions

Words to drive FOMO (the fear of missing out)

  • Limited offer
  • Deal ends soon
  • Today only
  • Only available here

Usage: headings, promotional copy

Implying exclusivity with phrases

  • Members only
  • Login required
  • Exclusive offers
  • Be one of the few
  • Only available to subscribers

We hope these words and phrases assist you with creating powerful and effective content.

Source: Buffer App

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