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The benefits of using your domain name in your email

Every legitimate business should have its own unique domain name registered; many businesses will even have several. But all too often a domain name is not utilised to its full potential.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a human-friendly way of identifying and accessing computer systems, such as websites, on the internet. Without a domain name your system’s address would be very difficult to remember because it would only comprise of its IP address, which is made up of a complex set of numbers.

Most businesses will use their business name as their domain name, but of course this is dependent on whether the name they want hasn’t been taken already. Your domain name will typically appear as part, or all, of your website’s URL address. For example, here at Expert we have several domain names including ‘expert.services’ for our website and  email addresses. The ‘expert.services’ domain name appears in the URL for each and every page of our website.

Your domain name is a fundamental feature to your website’s visibility and memorability… but its impact is not just limited to your website’s success. Instead, your domain name is important to your business as a whole, in the same way that a surname is to a person.  

So, why should you use your domain in your email address?

In order to get the most out of your domain name (or names) you should be showing it off as often as you can. A great and virtually free way to make the most of your domain name is to use it in your business’s email address(s). As mentioned earlier, at Expert we use the ‘@expert.services’ domain name at the end of all of our staff and query email addresses – which has proven to be beneficial in a number of instances.

Here are a few of the real-time advantages of using your domain name across yours and your employees business email addresses…

Free Promotion: If you have a domain name already registered then it shouldn’t cost extra to use it in as many email addresses as you choose. The more emails you send from email accounts that have your domain attached, the more people will see the name or phrase associated with your business.

Professionalism: Having your own domain name emphasises a professional and trustworthy dimension that every business strives for. It shows that you’ve put in time and effort to choose and register a domain name and in turn reaffirms your commitment to endorsing your products or services. It also saves you from circulating those questionable @xtra, @paradise.net.nz and @hotmail.com names you came up with all those years ago.

Timelessness: Many free email providers change name or even go bust over the years, which raises the issue of long term reliability. Your own registered domain name and email address won’t need to change, even if you do change your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

A unique domain name lasts forever, and that’s a good thing.

Business Memorability: The advantage that your domain name email address adds to your business’s memorability unsurprisingly expands on the idea of ‘timelessness’. You can showcase your email address on all of your marketing collateral – this can include your business cards, signage, and social media and anywhere you would display your website URL because it will never change. Having your domain name displayed prominently across your marketing channels will help the name stick with both your customers and potential customers.

You own your domain name, so it makes sense that you’d want to use it as much as you can.


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