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How Does ‘Google Ads’ Support Your Business?

Last month my online marketing topic was all about being found on Google using search engine optimisation (SEO). This month’s article complements that topic… using Google Ads to build your online profile.

Why is all this important? Simply put, in the online world, to generate sales and build your brand, customers need to find you quickly and easily. Preferably on page 1 of search results, and for some in a very competitive industry, being listed on page 2.

So, what role does Google Ads offer to support your business online?

With Google Ads, there are 2 specific areas where the ads are placed. The top 4 positions, prior to the organic search results, and in the bottom 3 positions.

Key features of Google Ads:

  • The top of page ads are placed above the organic search results, so these have even higher prominence than the organic search listings. The importance of this is even more so when customers are viewing their search results from their smartphone rather than a desktop PC. 
  • Your Google Ads campaign can quickly and easily be turned on and off, giving you strong management of your budget. You are not stuck with having to sign up to a fixed term contract, and this level of flexibility appeals to many businesses.
  • The ads that you implement will be shown and displayed based on the parameters you set including the geographical region, selected keyword phrases, and your daily budget.
  • Your budget can be set very low, e.g. $5 per day, or set at a higher level. The choice is yours.

Most importantly, with any online campaign it’s important to manage and review your campaigns performance. Monthly management and campaign refinement leads to improving its results, generating a better return on your promotional budget.


This article was supplied by Kathryn Schimanski of Aztera Marketing.

Aztera Marketing in Wellington provides search engine optimisation, digital marketing, and website copywriting services for small and medium-sized businesses. To find out more about Aztera visit their website.


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