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Using Search Engine Optimisation for Your Website

For many businesses, getting your website built is the first key task with creating your online profile. Closely connected to this is having your website easily found on Google. The tool/technique used for this is referred to as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This provides Google with the key information regarding your website pages and the products and services you provide.

So, when you type in a search term into the Google search box, the results that appear on the first and subsequent pages are influenced by SEO related activities. For most businesses, having a strong position on Google can significantly influence their sales and customer enquiries.

The main tasks associated with Search Engine Optimisation are:

  • Undertaking some keyword research to identify the key phrases customers will likely use.
  • Improving your website content, layout and links on key pages.
  • Introducing more structure around your page headings, incorporating selected keyword phrases.
  • Using effective meta tags (off page content) to assist with Google rankings and improving enquiry click through activity.

Often, as part of proceeding with improving your Google search ranking results, is to undertake an initial quick competitor review, to assess your current website’s ranking performance against others within your industry. This provides you with a benchmark and an understanding of your current ranking; from that you can track the improvements as SEO activities are implemented on your website.

Once some SEO activities have been implemented it’s important to keep a regular watch on your rankings as these can change. With new competitors coming on board, or businesses implementing SEO tactics, it can influence your long-term search results.

This article was supplied by Kathryn Schimanski of Aztera Marketing.

Aztera Marketing in Wellington provides search engine optimisation, digital marketing, and website copywriting services for small and medium-sized businesses. To find out more about Aztera visit their website: www.aztera.co.nz

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